Shh!  Be vewy, vewy quiet, the Coalition is hunting wabbits!

The trade press seems to be vewy, vewy disturbed by the Coalition for Reliable Power's filing at the WV PSC regarding FirstEnergy's "plan for reconductoring existing transmission lines" that was ordered by the Commission in the TrAILCo order.

Read the re-hash  that appeared in "EnergyBiz" (for leaders in the global power industry) of Pam Kasey's State Journal article.

When "leaders in the global power industry" decide to pursue an unneeded transmission project that costs you time and money, they're not "blasting" consumers and landowners.  But when a citizens' coalition dares to speak up about "a leader in the global power industry's" failure to comply with a legal order, all of a sudden the coalition is "blasting" them, and inexplicably, "WV line [is] under attack."  What line is that, EnergyBiz?

Notice how the industry's scribe goes out of his way to get comments from the PSC and First Energy, but ignores the Coalition, other than to report, in a dismissive fashion:
 "The CRP describes itself on its web page as a “grassroots citizens’ association” whose mission is "to create a vital public conversation about reliable electrical power and real alternatives to our dangerously centralized electrical grid.” The group lists six organizations and 43 individuals as its members."

Is your name on this list?  If not, email me, and your very own cartoon shotgun will soon be on it's way to you!

The PSC spokesperson had this vewy vapid comment to make:

“Had these come in while the case was active, then there would have been a set, 10-day response period,” the spokesperson said. “But, it being a closed case, there is no set response period.”

I'm not sure how the Coalition could have predicted that the Commission would order the report, and that FirstEnergy would fail to file a proper report, while the case was "active" in 2008, but maybe they need to borrow my Magic 8 Ball?

FirstEnergy said what they always say when they get clobbered by an unexpected kick in the gut:

"The TrAIL companies are in the process of reviewing CRP’s comments and will not have a response until their review is complete, a FirstEnergy spokesperson told TransmissionHub on July 18."  Translation:  "We will respond appropriately."

So, who else has gotten bombarded with "free" subscription offers from Transmission Hub lately?  Seems the industry-centric publication is getting pretty hard up for readers lately and has been harvesting email addresses from somewhere... like state PSC e-service lists.  Tsk, tsk, tsk!  What makes them think we want to read their drivel?


07/21/2012 12:48am

Might I point out that in 2008 the Coalition for Reliable Power was owned by TrAILCo? So if the Coalition had a felicitous premonition in 2008 that that the order would be issued and that TrAILCo would fail to follow the order, the comments that would have been filed on this issue would have probably consisted of: "Yay! TrAILCO! Yay!"

?????????? My brain hurts.

07/22/2012 2:44pm

maybe the reporter was disappointed that the member list at CRP didn't have more email addresses his publication could harvest


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