I got my Potomac Edison bill yesterday.  I found out I'm not "special" because my bill was estimated.  But that's not the half of it.  My bill was overestimated by hundreds of kwh... again!  So I had to make a phone call to ask for a correct re-billing... again.

My Happy Town guide was overjoyed to do the grunt work of recalculating my bill and doing whatever it is he does to instigate a re-billing.  Aside from that, he was completely useless to provide any insight or assistance into the root problem that causes me to have to call and ask for a re-bill every other month, other than the suggestion that I read my own meter every other month and call it in before the estimated bill is calculated.

No. Just no.

He did admit that all Potomac Edison's estimated bills are wrong because it is based on last year's data that may be inaccurate.  But he thinks that's okay because it will all even out the next time Potomac Edison comes to read my meter and issues me a correct bill.

But I did ask how much they were paying him that it doesn't matter in his own household if his utility bills fluctuate hundreds of dollars every month.  Silence.  Does he realize that seniors and people just barely hanging on month-to-month are on budgets and can't afford these monthly fluctuations caused by the fact that Potomac Edison hasn't been doing its job?  More silence.

And then he had the audacity to ask if there was anything else he could do to "help" me.

Nope, this bi-monthly comedy routine makes me almost as giddy as a wagon full of puppies.  :-)


11/20/2013 8:04pm

That's not necessarily true that the next time they read the meter, the bill will be lower. Didn't happen to us, our meter was read on the 6th of November, it was estimated in October, and we used less than 800 kw hours because of them overestimating and our bill was still way too high. We are on the budget plan so I guess they figure they can make us pay all this money up front and then someday it will be adjusted. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do what you do, Keryn, and start calling in my meter readings each month with the hopes our bill will come down.

11/20/2013 8:38pm

But only call AFTER you receive an incorrect bill, Pam. I keep waiting for a correct bill to arrive, but it never does, and judging from my bill history, that's unlikely to occur for most of the next year. FE's "you may only call on this day" routine is crap. When you get the bill, go read the meter. If it's significantly different (higher or lower) call and ask for a re-bill. While this works for me and you, it doesn't work for the elderly, the disabled, people who can't access their meter for whatever reason. And FE simply doesn't care.

You're not the only one either, Pam. In fact, everyone I know who's gotten an estimated bill this month has gotten an estimate much higher than their actual use. Hence, we're all "special."

11/21/2013 11:49am

My sister-in-law got an electric bill for over $1600, she has two meters, one for the upstairs of her house and one for the downstairs. It was over $800 for each of them. Her husband read the meter and called and they adjusted her bill. Our bill is higher now wtih just two of us then when we had 4 people living there.

02/24/2014 7:18pm

Sofar my bill has been estimated 3 months in a row and always really high and yet this winter I cut my temperature by 10 degrees in the house !! Why are they continuing to up their price when they obviously do NO WORK and have apparently laid off so many people they can't even read the meters for 4 months ???



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