Check out the West Virginia PSC's reliability "fan dance" on The Powerline.  Bill does an excellent analysis of the PSC's post-storm posturing and how none of it is likely to result in any real increase in reliability.  If you want real reliability, you have to make it yourself.

Because Mother Nature aptly demonstrated how unreliable our current centralized generation and transmission system of providing electricity is on June 29, public officials are running for cover.

Governor Tomblin ordered a "storm review" investigation.

Senators Manchin and Rockefeller and Rep. Rahall begged for and were awarded federal disaster relief.

So, what is West Virginia going to do with the money?  Are our politicians going to do what they usually do and funnel the money to favored contractors for "make work" projects intended to enrich their friends?

The federal money shower is also intended to prevent a recurrence of the "disaster."  Instead of wasting money on empty promises, Tomblin, Manchin, Rockefeller and Rahall should spend more time looking for real solutions.

"To combat future widespread and extended power outages, Carnegie Mellon University researchers have devised a strategy to use local distributed electricity generation, distribution automation, and smart meters to form small electricity "islands" that would support critical social services in the event of a substantial disruption resulting from extreme weather, terrorism, or other causes."


07/24/2012 5:31pm

For all you Journal readers, be sure you read the article on the Editorial Page today.

07/24/2012 8:34pm

And why would it be that the editorial was only in the hard copy and not online?

Perhaps they're as sick of their own village idiot as the rest of us.


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