PATH filed an Answer to Ali & Keryn's Response to PATH's Answer to the Formal Challenge on Friday (if you're keeping score this is an answer to an answer to an answer).

In this Answer, PATH explains that they (purportedly) cheated themselves out of $12K in 2010.

Subtlety is lost on these ninnies.  I guess someone is going to have to clobber them over the head with it.  How embarrassing for PATH!  Color me exasperated.

But, I'm sure you'll all be thrilled to know that Ali has been elevated to one-name celebrity status with this filing!  That's right, she's now to be known simply as "Alison."

More to come...


01/30/2012 4:36pm

Uh, oh, Keryn, what are they going to elevate you to?????

01/30/2012 5:35pm

Oh, I already have a name :-)

I'm waiting for the filing where they slip and call me that...


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