Ever wondered what AEP CEO Michael Morris is going to do with himself in retirement (besides turning into a powerless, useless, old man)?  Well, wonder no more... now he's Steamboat Mikey!

I just got this barf-a-licious press release about AEP River Operations dedicating a towboat in his honor.  The M/V Michael G. Morris will be dragging coal down the Mississippi so that it can be burned in order to continue to pollute the air you breathe for years to come!

He may retire, but he'll never really be gone  :-)


09/01/2011 7:56am

Ole' Mike loves to talk to the bankers about his "fleet" of coal-fired dinosaurs. Now he'll have his very own boat.

I can see him on the bow of the barge now in his little admiral's hat with his foot up on the rail.

09/01/2011 5:51pm

Mikey loves his buzzwords that really don't mean anything, or are intended to serve instead of a real answer. I noticed that a lot yesterday when I was going through the earnings calls for Ken. He's talking, but nothing of substance is coming out and none of the analysts get a real answer. Mikey's "answers" are intended to make the recipient go through some bizarre-o translation phase trying to bring real meaning to all the useless jargon, confuse them, make them think that maybe they just aren't "in the know," and are intended to make them feel stupid and intimidated from pursuing a real answer.

That foot will be wearing a slipper, and once he gets it up there, he may never get it down again. LOL Happy Acres Retirement Home, here we come!


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