The spooky, eerie Frederick County (MD) Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting that was scheduled to be held tonight has been postponed due to snow.  It is currently rescheduled for Monday evening, Dec. 20 at 7:00 p.m.

Stay home, stay warm, it's ugly out there.


12/16/2010 6:59pm

I dunno if they get embarrassed, but they probably should ;-)

If they used your method, how much fun could I have here on the blog? Oh, nevermind, I'm sure I'd come up with something. Creativity has never been an empty well for me.

Just Me
12/16/2010 7:26pm

I know,... Really? Gotta send these PATH attorneys back to school. They do this sophomoric stuff in EVERY administrative body and court. Don't they get embarrassed? Here's the rule guys. Write your legal argument with straight facts and authorities and NO ADJECTIVES!!!! Then...carefully contemplate each adjective to make sure it is justified by facts, legally necessary to make a distinction, or carefully selected to make a point. To get you in the proper mindset, pretend you have a limited inventory of adjectives (only a tiny bucketful). Then remind yourselves that, REAL judges hate drama and know that writing like PATH's is only there for public consumption. On second thought, keep that drama rollin' until some outspoken judge rakes you over the coals because your bucket is empty. Another fun project: Collect a list of empty baseless dramatic quotes - Christmas list syle. (Sorry, that motion just hit on every one of my pet peeves) F in legal composition, D if the standard was a decent blog. How eerie is legal writing that makes my skin crawl? OOOOOH.....CHILLLLLLLLLLS. BOO!

Da hillbilly
12/17/2010 7:06am

Kharma works in mysterious ways ... quite possibly this storm was mother nature's way of agreeing with the original decision? Kind of ironic that PATH ask for a do over so they can dillengently get to work ruining peoples lives and decimating the environment and mother nature steps in and does her own delay of this farce.


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