Has everyone seen the WV PSC PATH case docket recently?  I would advise you to take a look (click on "Case Information" in the left menu, then "Case" in the next screen's left menu and type "09-0770-E-CN" (without the quotes) in the Case Number field.  On the next screen click the blue "Activities" link on the far right.)

A wonderful thing is happening.  It's called citizen activism.  Since the Staff of the WV Public Service Commission filed their motion to dismiss or toll last Friday, support for the motion has poured in to the PSC.  Does anyone have an accurate count?  I'd estimate its over 50 by now. 

*knock, knock*  Who's there?  Opportunity!  Have you sent yours in yet?  What are you waiting for?  Get with it, folks!  The information you need can be found here.  (check it out, Bill's making it snow on The Power Line - cute!)

Not a resident of West Virginia?  Doesn't matter.  It seems to be spreading!

My favorite line to date comes from Ali Haverty in Calhoun County who opines, "An action being ludicrous has yet to preclude the PATH Cos. from performing that action..."  Touche!

It's time to wind up.... and let them have it!


12/17/2010 9:25am

the count of individual joinders and letters of support stands at 97 this morning. can we break 100 before the day is out? we need 3 more. get busy people!


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