Did anyone know about the PSC public hearing regarding another proposed rate increase by Allegheny Power held in Martinsburg last night?  Apparently not, because no one showed up.  Not one person.

We need serious reform of the PSC, including a requirement that landowners, ratepayers or stakeholders in a case be notified by U.S. mail instead of a tiny ad in the classified section of the newspaper of record in the locality.  If you don't read the legal notices in your local newspaper's classified section on a daily basis, you may miss your notice that a corporation is intending to grab your property through eminent domain or raise the rate you pay for regulated services.  Does this sound right to you?  Or more like the scales of justice tipping heavily away from due process?

PSC reform will be in the WV legislature this session.  Contact your legislators and get them on board to support it!

That's what Steven Herling, VP of Planning for PJM, is quoted as saying regarding what changes PJM may have in store for transmission lines like PATH in its upcoming RTEP.  Herling is quoted in this article from The News Journal (Delaware).  http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20100124/BUSINESS/1240342  This is one of the best articles I have read about PATH and really digs into the ugly truth behind PATH and the other mega transmission lines planned for east coast communities.  Let the truth shine on!
There have been a couple of interesting articles in the Journal over the past few days.

The Consumer Advocate Division of the Public Service Commission released its 2009 report of utility costs in the state.  Electric rates in Martinsburg increased 26% over the past two years.  Read story and a copy of the report here http://www.journal-news.net/page/content.detail/id/530784.html?nav=5006

The County Commission is seeking allies against PATH among the county's municipalities (nevermind what the Journal's headline says!)  Read the story here http://www.journal-news.net/page/content.detail/id/530831.html?nav=5006
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