Dominion has recently sent a letter to "property owner/resident" with information about the time table for their rebuild.  They have also finally updated their website to incorporate the information in the letter.  While it's more information than we had before, it doesn't really answer the public's questions about their project.

If you would like to "contact Dominion about its project" you can send an email to a generic email address or call a generic phone number where you and your questions will most likely be ignored, judging from the recent experiences of a concerned citizen.

Dominion doesn't want to answer real questions from real people, such as how the project will affect roadway access and public safety.  Or perhaps you have more complicated questions, such as wondering if Dominion's rebuilt towers are designed to withstand downburst winds, or should you expect that one of these towers could end up in your living room during a future thunderstorm? 

Dominion doesn't care to develop a positive relationship with the citizens of Jefferson County, or any other county affected by their project.  Just get out of their way while they go about their business and if this inconveniences or upsets you or jeopardizes your safety, too bad.  Dominion's really no different than PATH after all.


07/16/2012 8:16pm

Keryn's right, Dominion isn't acting any more responsibly than PATH did. Instead of realizing the more transparent and open they are, the less resistance they will get during their rebuild, they appear to believe they are above displaying any smarts or common sense. I hope Dominion's muckety-mucks and shareholders read this blog, so they can understand how ineffective and unprofessional their representatives are. What a cluster.

Charlie Foxtrot
07/17/2012 1:08pm


07/17/2012 8:35pm

Looks like that "we aren't PATH" thing didn't last long.

07/18/2012 1:43am

Just long enough... but I think the game is up!


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