This should be required reading for greedy corporations who think they're going to come here and buy our island for $24 worth of beads and trinkets.  Too bad PATH didn't read it first.


04/14/2011 3:35am

If you read the whole article, note Dick Cheney's attitude toward West Virginians. Using the power of the federal government to force new transmission lines down the throats of states was Cheney's bright idea, which was enshrined in the 2005 National Power Act.

One historical note to add to the article -- When western delegates to the VA secession convention forced a compromise that required a statewide referendum, the eastern government didn't even bother to count the votes from west of the mountains, which largely opposed secession. It was this final anti-democratic insult which prompted West Virginians to revolt against the aristocratic east to restore a government of VA which was based on the democratic principles of the United States of America.

04/14/2011 10:26am

O'l Dick's arrogance didn't do him any favors either. Maybe that's because he's the product of inbreeding. At least that gives him a viable excuse for being so dumb as to rely on a stereotype to pre-judge West Virginians. Can't say the same for a couple of greedy corporations whose arrogance allowed them to so severely miscalculate our mettle that their greedy little scam blew up in their face. Oops.

Da Hillbilly
04/14/2011 3:04pm

Thank goodness for their arrogance combined with stupidity. Imagine how much harder we would have been fighting if they actually had competent attorneys, accountants, and ad-men? The arrogance and stupid has continually worked to our advantage.
As for Dick ... thar guy is absolute EVIL! He is the greediest bastard ever. The one you know who aspires to one day be. However, Dick has always had many intelligent greedy bastards working under him, Evinson ... not so much.

04/14/2011 7:12pm

Outstanding article KN. Y'all can be proud! I look forward to the day when I can live in the beautiful mountains there and work thru the cloud. Who needs wires anyway. Did you know electricity can be transmitted via wireless?


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