Interesting opinion piece in industry rag Electric Light and Power.  In the industry's greedy arrogance, we should be easily led, dismissed and ridiculed, but now emerges a vein of anger at our success.  Now they fight us.

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog" -- Mark Twain


Da Hillbilly
06/24/2010 7:53am

I read this silly little story and while I found it to be quite ammsussing, I also find it very had to believe that there are actually people who think like this ... I question the validity of the writer I.E.- I would tend to believe this is simply propoganda fodder written by the power company (AND PAID FOR BY ME). It seems to be one more attempt to spend my money on an uneccessary propoganda move! Frankly I'm tired of it! I hope anyone who sees this will join in the fight for what is rightfully yours!PATH IS NOT NEEDED! IT'S BEEN PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN!

06/28/2010 5:29pm

she is about as clueless as the buttheads at PATH


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