It's time for more fun with another arrogant and wide of the mark power company power point presentation about how to overcome citizen opposition that gives us a peek into their twisted, greedy, Machiavellian minds.  This time it's from Lisa Barton of American Electric Power.  At least she's literate (except for her 300 pond elephant and capitalization issues -- doesn't anyone proofread their work product anymore?) which is more than I could say for Allegheny Energy's Aldie Warnock and Holly Kauffman.  Don't worry, Aldie, the title I bestowed upon you of world's highest-paid functional illiterate is still safe!

Lisa presented Transmission Siting – How Should it work, and How Do We Succeed in Today’s World?? (wow!  two question marks -- must be a real puzzler!) at an Edison Electric Institute meeting and  must have thought she was a real Einstein because AEP had finally managed to get a transmission project online after SIXTEEN YEARS of opposition.  Hey, Lisa, what's the sound of one hand clapping?

Okay, shall we get started?  Page 2, Agenda, let's hear all about AEP's take on transmission siting as a barrier...
Now we're "a barrier"?  I guess it's better than a NIMBY, NOPE or BANANA, but this money-grubbing corporation still fails to see what's really in their way -- PEOPLE!  I guess it helps them to sleep at night if they can replace the wrecking of human lives with euphemisms like "barrier".  Next up, developing and implementing a plan for siting, a relevant case study and results of an outreach strategy... that only took a short SIXTEEN YEAR course to sweet victory!  Right...

Next slide, aren't we special?  We're number 1!  All others are number 2 or lower!  Well, except for that Domestic Generation thing, but who's counting?   Lisa, who cares? (?)  See, that' a real puzzler too!

Slide four, AEP's vision of the next interstate!  However, we've all seen this map before and when not looked at through myopic, rose-colored glasses with big dollar signs in the lenses, reality looks more like this

Moving right along into the real "meat", Barriers to Transmission Development - The Three Horsemen!  Three?  She may be able to construct a sentence, but her literary and math skills leave a bit to be desired.  The phrase is Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse).  How apt!  However, I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, did you?  She probably thought she was just being incredibly clever.  Sigh. 

Oh, look, reference to President Eisenhower's interstate highway system!  Where have we heard that before?  Oh, I remember, it was at the power company sponsored, ratepayer financed astroturf forum where they used President Eisenhower's granddaughter as an "expert" on the electric grid! 

"Siting: How do we site needed transmission on an expedited basis to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is developed to support inevitable changes to our supply portfolio?"  Oh, I see, it's not about needed transmission, it's about supporting your supply portfolio!  Well, that's enough reason for me to endanger my health and give up my home for an unneeded transmission line -- AEP needs to support their supply portfolio and make even more money!  Gosh, I love you, AEP!  You're always thinking of me first!

Let's not forget the big problem of cost allocation!  AEP doesn't want to have a 300 pond elephant (Lisa's got a mini-elephant) stinking up the place and impeding their cash flow.  I know!  Let's get the consumers to pay for our infrastructure!  They won't mind!  Well, sorry, Lisa, we do mind.  We mind a great deal.  You know that phrase, "you've gotta pay to play"?  It applies to AEP, too.

Slide 6, Siting, a delicate but important balance...  What?  A few slides ago we were nothing but a "barrier", now we're delicate but important?  Sorry to disappoint, but we're not really that delicate -- it's going to take a lot more effort to unbalance us than you originally thought.  Setting yourself up with FERC backstop siting authority and changing the paradigm that caused you sixteen years of misery with Jackson's Ferry/Wyoming was slick, but it still remains untested and has been weakened in the courts.  Back to the drawing board!

Let's move into the case study -- Jackson's Ferry/Wyoming.  Even though you have "changed the siting paradigm" (who loves the word "paradigm"?  Lisa loves that word "paradigm"! Hooray!) you still have to operate in the present "paradigm" system and it's not working for you.  Time to choose a new favorite word!

Nifty map -- coal fired power plants, transmission lines and what's that green stuff?  *scream*  It's people!  The Soylent Green of transmission line siting!

Now let's talk about Key Outreach Principles -- you know, those tactics that took sixteen years to work with Jackson's Ferry/Wyoming and that you are still trying to use with the PATH project 10 years later? 

“Do the research” – don’t assume to know the issues and/or the scope of the public’s questions and/or concerns. Research is an ongoing – not one time – exercise.  You know, stop being so damned arrogant and quit wasting your money on blowhards like Charles Ryan Associates who merely tell you what they think you want to hear then laugh at you behind your back because they're soaking you (really the ratepayers).  You'll never know our issues because you can't think of us as people, just "barriers".  So, keep exercising -- that running around in circles thing you do so well.

Develop a flexible plan – be strategic, proactive and consistent. Need to consider multiple issue areas.  Yeah, and just keep trying to steer your Titanic around the constantly shifting opposition iceberg.  You're just not built for it.

“Keep it simple” – honesty, transparency and a respectful attitude are critical. Credibility takes years to build and only seconds to lose, and once it’s gone........
It's already gone, baby, gone!  Sorry, but your dishonest, abstruse and disrespectful attitude has prevented you from gaining any traction from day one... and instead of trying to right your image, you only debase yourselves further with slimier, more dishonest tactics.

Remember that people want information – if you’re not providing it, they will take it from where they can get it, including sources of propaganda.  Unless it's YOUR propaganda -- people just laugh at that... until the bill comes!  What people want is CREDIBLE information, such as that provided by other opposition members.  See paragraph directly above.

Keep feedback loops open and flowing – transmission siting is a long process and continually incorporating feedback into the outreach strategy is critical.  Feedback loops?  Is that when I drive by your office and stick my middle finger out the window?  We are well aware that you don't give a rat's behind what we think or feel as long as you can take our land from us.  Before the ink is dry on the contract, you're nothing but a dust cloud.  See also reference to Titanic above.

Let's talk concerns:
Concerns – personal property impacts, viewsheds, perceived lack of local benefit, wildlife, health, tourism
How about LACK OF NEED?  It's always the last thing to cross your mind there, genius!
Media – preference TV, then papers
We know how to read!  Nobody pays attention to the advertising during Dr. Phil!
Supporters – men, seniors, higher and lower income brackets
The only "supporters" PATH has are the ones in their gym lockers.
Opponents – women, younger, college educated
And everybody else, including politicians and the media.
Population – 25% didn’t complete hs, 42% hs grad, 15% percent college grad
Power company whose statistics only add up to 82% - 1.  Where do you think you're building this thing?  Some undeveloped third-world country?  You just keep telling yourself that about us and pretending you're "smarter".
Average Household income - $21,000
Time for new stats!  You've expanded into the Washington D.C. metro area this time, Mr. Magoo!
Perceptions – 2/3 viewed AEP favorably
We all hate you.  Try to think of it as a challenge.

Now let's talk messages:
Power line is needed urgently and will deliver substantial local and regional benefits (Infrastructure drives economy, both near and longer term)
Hey there, little boy, you've yelled "wolf" so many times that nobody even hears you anymore.  "Need" is a dinosaur left over from your last "urgent" project.
AEP treats people, environment with respect – important message, but must be supported through consistent action.
You mean like how Allegheny Energy treated (cheated) the landowners and destroyed the environment with the TrAIL project?  That sure shows consistency -- you wrecked everything and everybody in your path like Godzilla on the way to Tokyo.
AEP demonstrated commitment to working with the public, regulators to solve the problem – input is key to the final product and stakeholders must feel vested in the outcome.
Oh, like hell you did!  You stomped all over everything and everybody and what you couldn't buy you coerced.  Have you ever considered that YOU are the problem that needs to be "solved"?

How about Execution Highlights?  Is that where you execute the people who become the Soylent Green on your maps?
Established employee ambassadors, provided front line employees with information
You mean like those shifty land agents who would lie and steal the last slice of bread in our pantry?  They are the perfect ambassadors for you though  - a little "truth in advertising" for who they represent.
Coalition established, supporters – labor, business - were kept informed and were active
"Coalition" -- a power company directed PR tool that creates fake "grassroots" groups using huge amounts of ratepayer funding.  Astroturf is no longer a cute parlor trick -- we all know what you're doing and nobody believes you.  And it's about to get a lot worse for you.
Key audiences identified – elected officials, customers, shareholders, unions, media, public, supporters, employees, retirees, etc.
Just because you identify an audience, it doesn't guarantee that they will show up at your performance!
Tools – videos, presentations, fact sheets, brochures, direct mail, advertising, news releases, letters, project info line and web site
And you!  You're the biggest bunch of tools I've ever encountered.
Tailored every message for every audience
This is not possible.  No wonder you're such a failure.
Advertising – Consistent and frequent use of print/television partners included Wild Turkey Federation, Nature Conservancy, local industry, homeowners
Oh, I see you've already bought up the Wild Turkey Federation again for the PATH project.  Looks like the Nature Conservancy hasn't fallen for the same trick again -- yet.  Local industry will always sell out to the highest bidder, but nobody listens to them anyway, and you can forget about "homeowners" -- those are your victims, not your tools, remember?
Media – More than 200 stories a year in project area – consistency and frequency of message – remember; people have a need for information!
Yes, we remember.  This is why we control our local media and have over 200 stories a year.  In the tri-state, we even control your media events!
Establishment of web and phone based information and continual reminders of the availability of those services.
Remind us all you want.  You're the last place we'd go for information or assistance. 

I'm not going to copy and paste the next slide -- it just prattles along about public opinion during their sixteen year odyssey
.  Just the fact that it took them sixteen years to ramrod this thing through says it all.  I'm willing to bet that even after more than 20 years, there are still plenty of folks who are angry about it down in Bluefield.  Am I right?

Finally, the last slide shows photos from their dedication ceremony.  Nevermind the text -- we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The first photo shows super-rich AEP CEO Michael Morris either giving or receiving what looks like a landscape painting.  Are those transmission towers on top of the mountain in the painting?  Morris looks a bit perplexed, like he's thinking... "Those transmission towers were supposed to be painted in right down the middle of the road!  Someone's in big trouble here!".  The daisy chain of fawning politicians is a study in ridiculous expressions.  Here's a game we can play -- in the comments you can tell me what you think each of them was thinking in the picture.  Last thought about this photo -- is this painting going to be an addition to some bigwig's living room?  The only addition us "barriers" have gotten to our own living rooms lately has been the intrusion of PATH right into the middle of the room where PATH squatted and left a nasty-smelling mess on the rug.  How rude!  We don't intrude into your living room, get the hell out of ours!

Second photo -- crowd shot.  Looks like they had nasty weather.  Even Mother Nature was crying that day.  Looks like an awful lot of police presence at the back of the crowd for the few people sitting in the chairs.  Did each attendee need their own personal protection?  Speaks volumes.

So, I really don't have any other plans for the next 14 years.  Guess I'll be seeing ya around, PATH!
Since we're on this campaign finance kick, how about a little update about PATH's senatorial shopping list?

As reported back in August, Joe Manchin's campaign has been the recipient of huge amounts of power company money, and the donations have continued at a steady pace.  Check out the list of his donors available here.

Under "Committees Who Gave To This Candidate" don't miss the hysterically-named "THE AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT".  Ha ha ha!  *wiping away the tears*  I don't see "bought and paid for" in any known definition of the word "responsible".  Puh-leeze!

In order to be fair here, John Raese also received corporate campaign contributions, although not much from power companies.  See his list here.

And then there's Jesse Johnson.  See his list.  I promise it won't take much time since, "No Committees Gave To This Candidate".

Remember to vote November 2!
I received the above postcard in the mail over the weekend.  While the postcard poses the question, "Selling Out Almost Heaven?", we'd never have to ask this question if the PATH companies weren't seriously abusing their FERC-granted cost recovery system.

These questionable campaign contributions are almost certainly one of PATH's claimed income deductions for 2010 under FERC's Uniform System of Accounts in account 426.4, Expenditures for certain civic, political and related activities.  The PATH parent companies are using every opportunity, excuse or "error" to shove company expenses into PATH project accounts so they become the financial responsibility of all the ratepayers in the 13-state PJM region.

The FERC USoA definition for 426.4 states:

"This account shall include expenditures for the purpose of influencing public opinion with respect to the election or appointment of public officials, referenda, legislation, or ordinances (either with respect to the possible adoption of new referenda, legislation or ordinances or repeal or modification of existing referenda, legislation or ordinances) or approval, modification, or revocation of franchises; or for the purpose of influencing the decisions of public officials, but shall not include such expenditures which are directly related to appearances before regulatory or other governmental bodies in connection with the reporting utility's existing or proposed operations." 

Since the entire PATH project is a proposed operation of the reporting utility (which for the purposes of cost-recovery is Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline, LLC, and not American Electric Power, Allegheny Energy or other parent company), should PATH be allowed to deduct these kinds of political bribes from their project income?

Let's examine what these contributions were intended to accomplish -- defeat of SB614, which provided for notification of property owners whose property would be subject to eminent domain in PSC cases involving the siting and construction of electric transmission lines in time to petition to intervene and become legal parties to the case.  The only thing SB614 provides for is individual notice and an opportunity to become a legal party to the case in order to try to defend individual property rights.  I guess the power companies don't like to fight fair  -- they want to have the power of eminent domain while shutting the property owner out of the process.  They want to silence the property owner's voice.  How much of your money will they spend in order to rob you of your right to have a voice?

According to Senator Unger, the power company lobbyist said, "We are sending Senator Unger a message".  Well, I have a personal message of my own for American Electric Power --  see you at FERC!  PATH's Formula Rate Tariff provides for a process by which their expenses can be examined and challenged by interested parties.  If they're going to spend my money this way, I'm certainly interested.

What do you think?  Post your comments and be sure to send your own message to PATH on November 2.  Despite their best efforts to influence our political process with handfuls of YOUR cash, they can't cast a vote.  Do your part to take our state back from the corporate interests who continue to stuff our politicians' pockets with cash in exchange for selling out the citizens' rights.
Calhoun Powerline has the news about yesterday's SCC order in Virginia.  Although they denied the sassy staff's motion to hold the application in abeyance, they did leave the door wide open to consider Dominion's rebuild proposal as part of the PATH case.  Ooopsy!  Looks like the rumored "secret meetings" in Richmond last week didn't really obtain the desired result afterall.
That's how the PATH companies were labeled last night at the conclusion of the Frederick County Maryland Planning Commission hearing regarding the PATH transmission lines.  The entire quote from Commissioner Richard Floyd was, "The applicant's absence indicates their arrogance and contempt for us and the Frederick County Commission."  Needless to say, the Commission voted unanimously that the PATH transmission lines are not consistent with Frederick County's comprehensive plan.  Their recommendation now goes to the County Commission for approval/disapproval.  The Planning Commission also recommended that the Frederick County Commission become an intervenor in the case.

Yes, it's true, PATH did not even bother showing up for the hearing last night.  Not even one representative.  I guess they took my last blog post to heart and didn't bother to show up since they were ill-prepared and uninformed.  Or maybe they thought we might hurt their itty-bitty feelings *sniff, sniff, tear* and couldn't bear it.  However, true to every paranoid's fantasy, the hearing went on without them while they were ridiculed, laughed at and vilified.  In fact, without PATH there to obfuscate and try to defend themselves, the hearing ran very smoothly and was concluded in record time -- we were out of there before 10:30!

The meeting began with the Commission's staff attempting to present PATH's case, since they weren't present to do it.  This necessitated quite a lot of unanswered questions, speculation and assumption on the part of the staff.  The staff relayed that PATH was not "required" to be present, but notice was given to them regarding this hearing at the previous substation hearing.

The large crowd of "public" waiting to give comment once again filled the room at Winchester Hall and here are a few highlights:

Esther Brinkmann asked the commission to "judge the credibility" of the applicants and asked why anyone should "trust the integrity of the applicants".  Esther provided testimony regarding EPA-enforced TMDL allowances from run-off and shared that under previous questioning PATH had claimed to be "unaware" of any standards and did not have a plan to mitigate PATH's construction contributing to the problem.  If TMDL allowances are not in compliance, Frederick County faces fines from the EPA.  PATH just doesn't care!

Dick Ishler of CAKES came to the podium with the best prop I've seen in a while -- a gigantic, mounted, poster-sized image of the proposed new line feeding from the substation.  Dick testified that a total of eight lines would eventually emanate from the substation, laying a dangerous spiderweb over the heads of nearby residents.  Dick pointed out that PATH has continually denied there will be any future expansion at the death site, despite plans showing bays for future expansion and the appearance of the first new line in PJM's TEAC.  PATH lies and its construction would be "unconscionable".

There were several comments from impacted small farms and agricultural business owners, as well as more than a handful of comments from directly affected property owners, some of whom became quite emotional.  One commenter talked about PATH's "fear campaign" PR efforts and PJM's "playing the game" while their credibility is shredded.

StopPATHWV's Patience Wait testified that PATH's application to the PSC provides for a 1200 ft. wide "preferred corridor" within which PATH can move the location of the line around without further approvals, significantly enlarging the "construction zone".

I provided testimony about this and this regarding PATH's repeated claims in Frederick County that PJM "ordered" them to build PATH in an exact location.  The commissioners were so flabbergasted at the lies (and that's exactly what I called them since I don't mince words and PATH wasn't there to defend themselves) that they insisted I continue, even after my four minutes were up.

Watch the meeting on video here.  Click on Planning Commission and it should be the first one on the list.  You can either watch the meeting on video or listen to the audio.

Stick a fork in PATH, they're done in Frederick County.
We attended another marathon segment of the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals Special Exception Application hearing for the Mt. Airy "death site" gigantic substation last night.  It's still far from over and the next session has been scheduled for Thursday, November 18th at the tentative time of 2:00 p.m.  Please check back before then for a confirmed start time.

We got through another two PATH witnesses last night, the civil engineer and Allegheny's engineer Mike Gogol, who was produced to answer some of the questions that the engineer could not (or would not).  He wasn't much of an improvement though in shedding light on the truth.

Here are some of the incredulous statements PATH's witnesses testified to (and remember, they were under oath!):

1.  Security was not considered when screening for the substation was planned, only aesthetics.

2.  The substation will be "consistent" with the surrounding neighborhood not because the white metal buildings and shiny equipment are similar to the 1300 homes surrounding the site, but because they are "similar" to the two existing transmission lines either traversing the site or in close proximity.  Talk about bending the truth to suit your own purposes, this statement is preposterous.

3.  The "re-forested area" that will replace the 7 acres of mature growth forest leveled for the substation and the planting of new vegetation around streams on the site will "enhance" the site.  Imagine that!  PATH can improve on the work of God and make it better!

4.  Sites in Montgomery County were rejected because they were near residential areas.  The Mt. Airy site is surrounded by over 1300 homes and the logic of this statement escapes me.

5.  PATH-MD will eventually own the substation site, although "Potomac Edison" will operate it.  Oh, sure they will, *wink, wink*.  Potomac Edison's 5% share in PATH-MD and involvement in the project is going to disappear quicker than a keg of beer turns into a line for the bathroom once they have their approvals.

6.  PATH's counsel stated that there would be no future expansion at the substation.  This flies in the face of the planned expansion bays and the statements of Kerry Stroup of PJM at PATH's Charlie Foxtrot Public Meeting and PJM's June 9, 2010 TEAC that shows this new line beginning at the substation.

7.  PJM ordered PATH to connect to the two existing 500kV lines in proximity to the selected site and this is the only site where it can be accomplished.  Yeah, we've heard about how big bully PJM orders the poor, defenseless PATH companies around time and again, but it's all one great big lie!  Allegheny Energy and AEP actually proposed the two separate projects that were combined to create PATH to PJM first.  In fact, Allegheny Energy even suggested that PJM use its RTEP process as "a vehicle" for advancing their new transmission project, which was intended to further the aims of Project Mountaineer, which are to transport an additional 5,000 MW of coal-fired electricity to the east coast from the Ohio Valley.  This game of which came first, the chicken or the egg, has already been played out.  The chicken (PATH) came well before the egg (PJM's "need") and is fully documented.  PATH needs to quit lying before nobody believes a word they say any longer.  Ooops!  Too late already!

Other amusing items:

PATH needs to buy their counsel a dictionary.  He claimed to not know what the word "occluded" means.  Is he really this dumb, or was he just playing an idiot last night?

At the beginning of Gogol's testimony he began to talk about how electricity is like water flowing through a pipe.  No sooner were the words "he's going to start talking about the buckets again" out of my mouth before he uttered the word "bucket" and the back corner of the room erupted in laughter.  The only thing being carried in a bucket at the substation is the manure they continue to produce as sworn testimony in Frederick County.

And speaking of laughter, PATH was loudly laughed at several times last night by the huge crowd in attendance.  Even the chairwoman of the Board got into the act and asked them if they were joking when the witness asked to have the question repeated after a painful 10 minute discussion and precise determination of exactly what the question was.

And that wasn't the only instance of applicant subterfuge as most of the questions posed to them were answered with "I am not the proper witness for that question" or "I don't know".  If they are that ill-prepared and uninformed, why bother even showing up?

The only thing that keeps this from being completely annoying is the obvious frustration PATH has with the glacial pace at which this hearing is proceeding.  At this pace, it could well extend into the new year.  Perhaps if they stopped playing games and told the truth their misery would be over much quicker, but I won't hold my breath for that to happen.
Calhoun Power Line did a little poking around and came up with this stunningly genius conclusion about the truth behind the new Atlantic backbone transmission project announced today.

While PATH was busy getting their clock cleaned by what they had assumed were a bunch of ignorant hillbillies bearing pitchforks and torches, and counting the millions of dollars in unrecoverable costs they had managed to scam from the PJM ratepayers, two of their competitors were busy scheming them out of the lucrative east coast market.

It's kind of hard to cheer on two other animals from the same species, but kudos to PSE&G and Dominion for pulling this off!  Dominion's proposed PATH alternative for a short term "fix" that's been in plain sight for several months all of a sudden takes on new significance.  Then we have the VA SCC's finger-wagging new attitude... it all makes perfect sense.

Hilarious!  I've always suspected that the PATH folks aren't the brightest bulbs in the circuit, and they didn't disappoint.  They had it coming to them.  It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of @$$#*!&$!
The saga of the incomplete application continues in Virginia.  Most recently, the staff filed this response to PATH-VA's response to their motion to hold the application in abeyance.  The staff gets some major attitude and must have looked like this while crafting it. 

It's a great read, with quotes such as: 

"PJM's "2010 RTEP" is not a term that is open to interpretation." and

"Staff has not contended that the application fails to include any information on the original configuration." regarding PATH's apples to oranges comparison of original routes to current route.

"Of course, scrutiny of this circular logic for noncompliance is unnecessary for the Commission to rule on the compliance issue before it."

"PATH-VA's concern regarding prior Commission precedent fails to acknowledge the unprecedented nature of the PATH project."

"The expression by PATH-VA's own affiliates of this concern - that nonincumbent transmission owners (like PATH-VA) place the transmission system at serious risk and are not bound by legally enforceable obligations..." where the staff uses PATH's own words against them -- priceless!

"In other words, a Commission finding of need does not lead to the inevitable conclusion that only one solution - or solutions offered by only one entity - can appropriately address this inadequacy ."  Opening the door for Dominion Virginia Power's alternative to modernize existing lines instead of building PATH? 

The VA SCC staff kind of reminds me of one of my old English teachers, right before she smacked me upside the head with a ruler.  This battle is better than a night at the movies -- pass the popcorn!
Looks like time has finally hammered the final nail in PATH's coffin.  See this article in the New York Times about some big companies investing in an offshore backbone transmission project that will connect new wind projects with the east coast population centers who need new, clean energy to meet their renewable goals. 

Couple this with Dominion Virginia Power's proposal to re-build and modernize local 500kV transmission lines to provide a temporary solution to PJM's supposed grid problems, and you've got yourself a winner for everyone involved!  Well, except for Allegheny Energy and American Electric Power, but destiny has been barking at their heels ever since their greedy scheme to enrich themselves at the expense of society was hatched.

PATH has always been a bad idea and is now officially last year's crop.

It's time for PATH to give up!
The Calhoun Power Line has a new post laying out some basic FACTS about PATH.  Everyone will benefit by reading this brief overview of fully referenced FACTS.  Reading it would certainly benefit the bloated, self-important clown college interns at Charles Ryan Associates, who are purporting to "educate" the public with lies that insult the intelligence of West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland citizens.  At a cost totaling over three million dollars (and counting) in 2009 alone, we should demand more than the series of bad ideas and failures Charles Ryan Associates has been delivering for the PATH project.  How about a little honesty for a change?

Bill is disseminating these facts for FREE, unlike PATH's greedy "spokesman" puppets, some of whom have been collecting upwards of $20,000 per month in pay and "expenses" that spare no creature comfort... all on your dime through FERC-granted cost recovery schemes that allow Alleghengy Energy and American Electric Power to collect their anticipated expenditures (with no caps or oversight) from your electric bill every month since March, 2008.

If I had that kind of revenue stream going on, I'd put Bill up in a cushy hotel, buy him lobster dinners and transport him in a stretch limo while he sips on champagne to Rotary Club meetings to provide FACTS about PATH.

Unfortunately for Bill, I take the stewardship of other people's money seriously.

Here's another fact:  PATH makes as big a mockery of their stewardship of the public's money as they do their stewardship of your environment, health, quality of life, and property.  They just don't give a damn.