Check out the new website that exposes the power companies' Coalition for Reliable Power as a marketing scam.  The Reliable Power guys are trying to influence public opinion by pretending to be a grassroots coalition of citizens and businesses who are in favor of PATH when they are actually nothing more than a PR scheme not based in reality.  It's all about appearances; but when someone looked behind the curtain, instead of finding the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, there was nothing but a couple of PR drones pushing buttons and yanking levers.  The marketing firms and the power companies that fund them ought to be ashamed of themselves for perpetrating this fraud on the public.
Not something you'd want to have happen to you!  Read about the continuing struggle of landowners affected by the TrAIL transmission line as the power companies thumb their nose at PSC orders.  If they don't honor the PSC's orders and the PSC refuses to enforce them, what's the point of issuing orders in the first place?

High quality, shocking color photos.  Do you want something like this next to your home?  Remember, TrAIL is a 500 kV line, smaller than the proposed 765kV PATH.
Yesterday, the "West Virginians for Reliable Power" held an Electric Energy Forum, hosted by the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce, the Berkeley County Development Authority and the Eastern Panhandle Business Association, at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg.

Members of StopPATH WV attended the forum.  Here's the press:

article in The Journal
story on NBC25 news

"West Virginians for Reliable Power" (and that's in quotes because the coalition is mere idea that does not exist legally, physically or in reality) were represented by PR hack Bryan Brown of Brown Communications LLC of Charleston, and a couple of Allegheny Energy lobbyists.

The guest speakers were articulate and well-spoken.  It's just too bad that Brown and Allegheny Energy gave them propaganda and incorrect facts to work with.  The speakers became flustered and almost angry during the Q & A session and the forum was called to an early halt by Brown, when he felt his "reliability" slipping away.  How does it feel to have no control over events you didn't foresee, Bryan, like maybe having an unneeded transmission line threaten your private property, your health, your basic quality of life?  Didn't feel too good, did it?  In fact, I believe Bryan's exact words were, "I feel like I'm being attacked!".  Touche'?